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Writer’s block. You’ve heard of it before, especially if you’re a writer. In fact, as a writer, you have firsthand experience with it. It’s something all of us have experienced at one time or another and dreads with every fiber of their being. It’s the moment when that well of inspiration runs empty, the flow of words and life injected in the story come to a wrenching stop, and you’re left sitting there staring at the screen, your mind struggling to come up with what happens next and frustration boiling as the minutes tick by with no progress. Every avenue you try ends up meeting a dead end, and sometimes that block lasts for days. You’ll write pages of stuff and in the end discard it because it just doesn’t fit or sound right. Yes, this is what every writer hates and hopes desperately to avoid.

But what if it wasn’t just the well of inspiration running dry? What if it was something more, like a warning light signaling that the story is not going in the right direction it is supposed to? What if the direction we’re pushing for is wrong, and this is trying to warn us to turn the story another way?

And now you’re probably asking, ‘is he nuts?!’

Well, to quote Tony Stark, ‘jury’s out.’ One thing I do know, though, is that every great story comes from God. From Him we receive the talent, and from Him we receive the inspiration necessary to write those stories. So if we suddenly run into writers’ block, that moment when we can’t get the scene to play as we envisioned it, does it hurt to turn to the source of all inspiration and ask what is going wrong? If God is the one from Whom we get our talent and if He cares enough to give it to us, would it not make sense that He would try to help us with our work? And if we are forging ahead in the wrong direction with the story, would it also not make sense for Him to intervene and warn us?

It’s funny that when I ran into writers’ block, I would spend hours, days even, trying to figure out how to write the scene out. I’d be tearing my hair with frustration and looking to hurl that computer across a football field. But…as soon as I asked God where He wanted the story to go, immediately I saw the path it needed to take and shazam! I was blazing a path like nobody’s business. It’s really embarrassing when one thinks about how much time I wasted with trying to figure out how to go my way, when all I had to do was ask God what His was. And you know what? It was so much better than mine. The story ended up coming out richer, deeper, better written and developed—everything a writer desires with their book. Writers’ block used to be a hated foe; now it’s a friendly flag waving to catch my attention if I begin to go the wrong way.

Many times we get so focused on doing this on our own, that we forget that there is Creator above that does love us and tries His very best to help us out, in spite of our thick-headedness. So when and if you ever encounter writer’s block, don’t ignore it and push on with your own idea. Stop, and take the few minutes to ask God what He wants for the book. Trust me, His stuff will always fit better than yours, and you’ll be glad that you listened.


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