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Well, folks, this is it. At long last we get a new Superman film, Man of Steel, which is set to open in theaters in just five days.
I watched Superman Returns, which was intended to be a partial reboot of the franchise, and while I enjoyed it, the movie was a little boring with the action being next to nil, and Superman getting the stuffing knocked out of him by Lex Luthor and his goons was and remains pretty pathetic.
This film is very different. For one thing, it is much darker than previous versions of the character with definitely more action than I have ever seen in anything with the label of Superman. The trailers did a good job showcasing that, and also highlighting the story of Superman’s character, which is something that has never really been delved into on the big screen. I’ve seen the four films with Christopher Reeve as Superman, and of course the 2006 Superman Returns starring Brandon Routh, and the character’s story was never that interesting, at least for me.
The special effects look awesome, and the premise even more. Man of Steel really promises to be just as good, or even better than Batman Begins. Seriously, with Christopher Nolan involved, you know it’s going to be a masterpiece. In my opinion, Superman is finally getting done right for a change, and I can’t wait to see the new take on one of my favorite characters.


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The First Chapter Part 2 #   Leave a comment

Alas, I missed posting for May! 😦 Things got so busy that I had no time to put a little something on here. So, to make things up, I decided I would post some more of the first chapter of my book. Enjoy, and feel free to let me know your thoughts about the story!

Ruval ignored the undercurrent of irritation he sensed in Darvir’s voice and leaned back in his chair. “I need you to leave for the Farrand Hills today. You know where that is, correct?”
 “Good. You have maybe two days to get there before a band of riders pass through and join a larger force. I want the smaller band eliminated; every single one of them before they reach the other group. When you are finished, check the saddlebags of a white mare with brown patches on its front legs. You should find a small wooden box with silver engraved on it. Take nothing else but that, and bring it to me.”
 “I see,” Darvir said coldly. “Another trinket to add to your collection? Why can’t I just steal it when they stop to camp for the night?”
 Ruval clenched his fist tighter around the goblet. The boy was definitely growing bolder to question his orders. Ordinarily, he would have given him a sharp reprimand to remind Darvir of whom he was dealing with, but he did not care to waste precious time waiting for him to recover when he had such an important task waiting.
 Ruval held his temper in check and took another sip of his wine. “I have been monitoring their pace, and seeing as they have not stopped for more than a couple of hours at the most when night comes, I sincerely doubt they will change now when they are so close to their destination. It will be easier to obtain the box once they arrive at the Farrand Hills.”
 “And after I deliver this box to you, then what?”
 “Then you do what you have always done. Wait for when I have something else to use you for.”
 “What if I don’t want to be used anymore?”
 Ruval glanced up sharply at Darvir. “That is hardly my concern. Now stop wasting time and get moving.”
 Ruval froze, unsure if he had heard him correctly. “What did you say?”
 “I said, no,” Darvir repeated grimly. His face was set determinedly and Ruval could see the open defiance in his gaze.
 “I don’t care about your schemes,” Darvir continued, “and I am tired of being your personal hound, that you set loose on whomever you feel like.”
 Ruval rose to his feet and faced Darvir angrily. “I don’t care what you want, nor am I interested in your feelings,” he snarled. He glared at Darvir with disgust. “Look at you. The power and skill you possess is beyond what any man or even an elf could attain, yet you not only don’t care, you wouldn’t even use it if I didn’t make you.”
 “It is something I never wanted.”
 “Yes,” Ruval sneered. “I know what it is that you desire. A family, friends—things that only weak, sentimental fools crave.”
 “Then I am one of those fools,” Darvir said harshly. “They certainly possess more, and live a better life than I do. At least they are free to choose their destiny, instead of being bound to serve one man’s will.”
 “We have had this conversation before, and I am not in the mood to listen to the same drivel. I offered you another option that would allow you more freedom, and you refused.”
 “What you offered was not freedom. I would still have to serve you and I have had enough of that.”
 Ruval felt his face growing hot with rage. “I will waste no more of my time with this pointless exchange. Get going and bring me the box.”
 “And if I refuse?”
 “Then I will have to give you another lesson in obedience,” Ruval growled. “I am your master and whether you like it or not, you are mine to command, and you will obey me.”
 Through the spell he kept on Darvir’s mind, Ruval created a painful sensation throughout Darvir’s body. It wasn’t strong enough to incapacitate him, but it would certainly remind the boy of his power, and the additional punishment Ruval could give him.
 For a few seconds, Darvir held his ground before breaking eye contact and turning away. “One day you will no longer be able to hold me with that, and when that day comes, you will have no choice but to face me.” He stalked away and slammed the door behind him.
 Ruval swore and tossed his cup, along with the remainder of its contents, into the fire. He had withdrawn his presence from Darvir’s mind, but it was an effort not to inflict him with more than just a simple ache for his little show of defiance. He still required Darvir to complete this mission, but something would need to be done with him after it was done. Darvir was starting to become a bother and not worth the effort to control. It might just be time to get rid of him. Permanently.

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