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Are the books better than the movie? Part One   1 comment

Anne of Green Gables, Little House on the Prairie, LOTR. These are just a few books that have been turned into motion pictures.  I watched the Anne of Green Gables films and while I enjoyed all 3 my sister was hated the third for it was nothing like the book. In fact it was a completely different story.  However she did like the previous two films over the books. 

LOTR: Probably going to get a lot of noise on this but after reading the books and watching the films I have to say that the films were tons better than the book series. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy LOTR very much. But as for being a favorite of mine they’re not. A couple of reasons: One was the singing. I don’t have a problem with poetry and riddles so long as they are like prophecies to something. I couldn’t stand all the singing! (Might also mention I don’t care for musicals) Second, maybe it was me but I felt something was lost after the first two books. I have to say that the first book of LOTR was my favorite of the series next to the Hobbit.

Little House on the Prairie:

Now with that one, while I’m okay with the books they are not my favorites. I probably would never have bothered with them if it wasn’t for my mother reading it to my sister and I before we went to sleep (at my sister’s insistence.) Now the tv series was good. I have to be honest and say that I really enjoyed them more than the books. 

So are books better than their film counterparts? Some I’d say yes others no. But I’ll have to talk more on this subject later!

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Review on an old Character   2 comments

Merlin. The very name brings to mind of an old man, ancient beyond years, wise and mysterious perhaps conjuring some powerful spell. Many writers have done their take on this character and given many versions. In almost all of them he is a powerful wizard and King Arthur’s trusted advisor.

My first introduction to Merlin was through a film that came out about the character. It was okay but it failed to really whet my interest. Then I got the Pendragon Cycle by Stephen Lawhead. It retold the story of not only King Arthur but Merlin and delved into his back story and heritage as the son of an Atlantean princess and a druid. The story was well told and actually got me interested in the character for the first time. It was after all much different from the usual versions and at the time I really was a fan of the ancient Celts which Lawhead had in the story.

However, there were some things I did not care for. One was how Merlin uses druidic powers in times of peril and at the same time prays to God. And go figure, Morgan, or Morgian as she’s called in this, uses those same powers as well. And she’s the bad one. Sound a little funny there? And two, he was pretty graphic on a woman’s anatomy. I know Morgan was supposed to be beautiful and seductive but do we really have to hear about things that are supposed to be private? So that was my biggest gripe against the series.

Then I got the Dragons in our Midst series by Bryan Davis. Instead of a wizard, Merlin is portrayed as a prophet who can wield power from God and receives direction from him. It is repeatedly emphasized in the story that he does not do magic and many times when a person calls him a magician he corrects them. Mr. Davis has portrayed Merlin the best, in my opinion, and succeeded in making me really like a character who I have not cared for in years.

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Dreams   2 comments

Do dreams actually come true? Does God reveal things to you while you sleep?  Some people say no. Your dreams are nothing except what you see and your brain just rehashes it while you sleep. Others say they had dreams that have come to pass. I myself have had a couple that have come true but I’ve also had many that were simply just that. Dreams.  Lets not forget Joseph son of Jacob. God showed him his future in two. Despite being mocked and riduculed they did come to pass.  Now I don’t mean to start looking for you future in dreams and start checking each one for a prediction. But what I am trying to say is that some dreams are not as ordinary as we think. God can speak in our dreams and can show us things that we don’t know. I have a lot more I can say on the subject but for now I’ll let it go at that and see what you have to say on it.

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